Snowstorm and Snowmen 2016!

Three weeks ago we had quite a bit of snow and cabin fever was setting in so we decided to venture out and build a snowman. I did not bake but we did cook. We get Blue Apron twice a month–my husband loves it. They send you the ingredients in the exact amount that is needed and step by step instructions. The recipes they send are healthy and interesting-different spices are used and the ingredients are fresh. I had my reservations about Blue Apron at first but now I love it!

Here I am trudging my way through the snow, trying not to fall, and smiling for the camera.
Standing on a chair with my awesome friend, Mihaela.


My very good friend Rouane and I, posing with the, um, skinny snowman.
Okay, yeah, it’s not round enough and it looks plain but it was the snow’s fault you see. Still, I think we did a pretty good job. It’ll grow on you…
So it didn’t look as great as this one.
Or this cute little guy. Hey, they had accessories, okay.
This was one cool snow bunny.
My favorite–just chillin’

Good times, great friends and some pretty cool snowmen! It’ll grow on you…

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