Duck Eggs Over Easy on a Lazy Sunday

So… I haven’t blogged in a while due to my lazy ass nature but I’m back and ready to quack your ears off. A month or so ago I tried duck eggs for the first time. I didn’t know exactly what to expect–I mean, I knew it would kinda taste like regular eggs but different texture? Would it smell different? Would it look intimidating? Well,  my eyes did oogle [I had to google this word–for a minute I wasn’t sure it was a word :)] at the size and gorgeous yellow yolk and thick white part.  When I cooked it over easy, I found it to be tasty. Not everyone will fancy these eggs, especially the high cholesterol part but give it a try before you say no.

Look at the size of them eggs!
You don’t need much to make a great breakfast. Some butter, I used Jarlsberg cheese, some chorizo salami, fresh oregano and bread. And of course the eggs.
Butter that bread. Butter it good.
Toast both sides. Set aside for a second. You can do this in 2 pans, one for bread, one for eggs unless you are lazy like me 🙂
Crack those beauties in the pan and salt and pepper them. I added some Aleppo red pepper cause I like heat.
Flip the eggs over and bring the toast back where it belongs and since it looks bare, put some cheese on it! I sometimes prefer chunks of cheese but you can grate some or use slice cheese so it melts.
Cover the cheese with any kind of meat. Or meatless if you don’t want meat.
Place the egg on top, take the time to decorate with some oregano and DEVOUR!
mmm hdjfhd whaadjsduyhjjd ifdkfjdj mmm. Sorry, I had my mouth full there.

Duck Eggs over Easy

Author: Marale Garabetian


2 duck eggs

Spray or grease for pan

2 slices of bread (any kind you like)

Butter for your bread

2 slices of Salami Chorizo (or any kind of meat you have)

4 slices of Jarlsberg cheese (or any cheese you like)

A few sprigs of chopped fresh oregano

A pinch or 2 of Aleppo pepper (or any kind of pepper you like)

Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste


Heat a pan on medium and slather some butter on that bread. Place them face down on the pan and give it 2 minutes to brown and turn over. Let it brown on the other side, then transfer to a plate. Grease your pan with a bit of oil or butter. Crack the duck eggs in the pan until the egg whites are opaque and set. I like mine a bit browned. Flip them over and cook for a minute or two. until the white part looks done. Place the bread back in the pan and cover with slices of cheese and chorizo. Place the cooked egg on top. Garnish with chopped fresh oregano. If you don’t like runny eggs, cook them over medium or over hard but the best part is the thick runny yolk!





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