Farmers Market Stuff

Hi there–it’s me. I come to you from my couch and hurting all over from the dreaded workouts… you know how sometimes it hurts so bad you have a hard time sitting on the toilet? Well, yeah… However, I must persevere–*classic dramatic gesture–hand to forehead*–just so I can try a morsel of dessert before I give it all away. *sniff, stifled sob, sobbing, wailing, punching the pillow with my fists*.

After much composure…

I baked some muffins last week..ahem.. they were pretty healthy and had applesauce in place of butter. See, I try to be healthy and bake healthy but the price you pay I tell ya…the muffins were not very good at all. You are better off eating an unhealthy muffin than suffering your way through a healthy one.

Let me not bore you with my trivial problems and let’s look at some of my farmers market purchases. Every Thursday I visit the market close to my office. It’s so great that this year we have mushrooms! I love those funky looking fungi and they taste so darn good.

Sometimes I get carried away and buy too much stuff.. I can’t help it. It’s all good!

These are my favorite. They taste amazingly delicious sauteed with butter or cooked in dishes.
I think I have pretty much tried all of them. Lion’s Mane is the coolest looking one.
There is also this great Qualia coffee and I am a major coffee lover..major!
Berries galore! blueberries, trolls, raspberries, ogres, blackberries, dragons, cherries, hobbits, currants, witches. Picture each of those that are not in the fruit category, wearing a hula skirt and holding a carton of fruit. Hahaha 🙂 I may be the only one laughing…
I must show you my recent purchase. A beautiful serving tray made of wood from an olive tree. I couldn’t leave the store without buying it. I can’t wait to put some cheese, olives, dried fruits and crackers on this.
Made in Hungary from 19th century timber! Look at the gorgeous markings. I’m so head over heels in love!
I found a use for my tray 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a great week! Try to hit a Farmers Market and get some good looking fruits and veggies!

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  1. Hmm. I wonder what made you think of farmers markets, LOL. I missed my Wednesday Georgetown market again, but plan to go to the one Saturday morning on Wisconsin.


    1. Marale says:

      I go every Thursday and they have these delicious fruits and vegetables and I just had to write about it–its an awesome market. You should go to the one on Wisconsin tomorrow!


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