Hummus with Red Pepper Paste


You know what’s really getting to me? See that bowl of hummus up there? See the Christmas design on that bowl? The holly thingy.. I can’t take it anymore! I love the size and shape of the bowls but I can’t stand the design! If the design was at the bottom of the bowl, the food would cover it up but its not. It’s out there! It’s July for crying out loud and I use these all year round. I’m not saying I need to go with the flow and use bunny bowls at Easter but I have loved and tolerated these just about all I can and now there is no love and I cringe every time I pick one up. The darnedest things is, because I use them so much, I can’t seem to want to get rid of them. I only have four–thank goodness. Maybe, just maybe,  if one or two of these were to accidentally slip from my hand and fall to the floor… Of course with my luck, it probably wouldn’t break. I’ll have to find a replacement but enough about the damn bowls. Let’s make some hummus!

There is NO garlic in this hummus–none! *Double gasp!* As an Armenian it is unheard of not to have garlic in hummus because garlic is the whole point of hummus. However, I put aside my love for garlic and decided not to add any in this recipe.  Whip out your food processor or immersion blender and let’s do this.

Tahini does not have to be organic–I just happened to have this kind. You can find red pepper paste at a Middle Eastern store or Amazon. Pomegrante molasses are available at Wholefoods or Amazon. Aleppo ground pepper I believe I have seen at Wholefoods. Darn it-forgot to put the lemon and salt in the picture. 
Put a can of chickpeas (rinsed and set some aside for decoration), 1/3 cup of tahini, 3 tbsp lemon juice, 1 1/2 tbsp Turkish or Syrian red pepper paste or harissa paste, 1 tbsp pomegrante molasses, and salt in the food processor and press that button. I added water slowly until it was the consistency I liked–not too thick and not too thin.
How good does that look!
Decorate with chickpeas, olive oil and ground pepper. Ignoring the designs..I don’t see them..ahhhhh!

I was impressed! Even without garlic, this was really tasty 🙂 A bit on the sweet side (if you don’t like the idea of sweet, use less). I guarantee this will knock your socks, tights, shoes off! Next time I might try this with harissa paste and sneak in some garlic 🙂

Recipe taken from Bon Appetit

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