Pizza with Mushrooms, Brie & Onions

Before I tell you about this awesome pizza, let me say how happy I am that we were able to finally purchase new bowls to replace those damn Christmasy ones. You may not give a hoot and you probably don’t and that’s fine but I am relieved that I will no longer have any pictures of that dreaded, ghastly bowl. Here is the new one. *deep contented sigh*. It’s the simple,  little things.

Huh, whatdya think? Classy, white, no design whatsoever of bunny rabbits or mistletoe or whatnot. I have to say, I wouldn’t mind having a bowl with fire breathing dragons and wizards 🙂 I mean, come on, who wouldn’t? Just me then?..okay…

Now we can move on to more important business like this pizza I baked last weekend. I have never had pizza with brie and let me tell you, it works. Three of my favorite things all in one place–mushrooms, caramelized onions and cheese!

First we start with the pizza dough. I have tried several different recipes. In fact, the day I made this, I found a recipe for a pizza dough using 2 different kinds of flours, one of them semolina and there was beer. Now, ahem, instead of gradually adding the flour like I normally do and should have done, I dumped in the amount it called for in the recipe and it became a shaggy, rough mess. So I pouted a little, covered it, let it rise and decided I woul make my Mama’s pizza dough recipe because I knew it would not disappoint. Easey, peasey, straightforward and pretty quick. What I love about this dough is that it is very manageable and spreadable. If you have all your ingredients prepared and chopped while the dough rises, all you have to do is spread it out, place it on a pan sprinkled with cornmeal or flour and add the toppings. Stick it in the oven and you are all set.

My Mama’s Pizza Dough Recipe


2 cups flour
1 tbsp yeast (I use SAF Instant Yeast, which I purchase at Amazon)
3/4 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1/4 cup plain yogurt (I use Dannon whole milk yogurt. You can use lowfat. I have never tried it with Greek yogurt but you are welcome to try)
1/4 cup canola oil
As much lukewarm water as it takes until the dough is soft, moist and springs back when you touch it
Preheat oven for 30 to 45 minutes at 450 or 500 degrees F with the baking steel/pan in the oven. It is not necessary to proof the yeast but you can go ahead and do that. I’m lazy and just throw it all in 🙂 Place flour, yeast, salt and sugar in a mixing bowl and, using a hook attachment, mix on low until combined. Add yogurt and canola oil and mix. It is important to slowly add the lukewarm water until you get a dough that is soft and moist. Poke a finger in there and if it springs back, you are good to go. Let it rise for an hour and use right away. Spread out with your fingers. Do not use a rolling pin.
Ah..before you grab a knife, turn the oven on to 450 or 500 degrees F for 30 to 45 minutes. Make sure your baking steel/pan is in the oven. By the time you are done sauteeing and chopping, your pan will be nice and hot. Chop them onions and cry a bit–if you’re like me 😉
Chop them shallots and cry a bit more. Now wipe your tears and blow your nose. Please wash your hands.
Chop that rosemary. You should have stopped crying by now but it’s your party so you can cry if you want to.
I used Cremini mushrooms. I’m sure you can use any kind but Cremini and brie sound like a good match.
I love mushrooms so I probably used 20 or more. Slice them mushrooms.
Heat a tbsp or so of oil in a non-stick pan and throw the onions in there, followed by the rosemary. A few shakes of salt and pepper and saute for 20 minutes until it is caramelly. Now, here is where I apparently forgot to add the dry white wine..oops 🙂 So I unknowingly skipped that step and set the onions aside in a plate. Hey, I’m not perfect. Don’t be like me and add the wine and simmer for a minute.
Now add some oil in the pan where you cooked them onions and when hot, add the mushrooms and shallots. Add some salt and pepper and saute for 5 minutes until tender. I left mine for longer because I had mucho mushrooms.  Turn off the heat and stir in the parlsey–now I unintentionally skipped this step also and was left wondering what the heck I was supposed to do with the chopped up parsley. Please don’t be like me. Add the freaking parsley.
I happened to have this in my fridge but you can use double cream. I buy cheese from Costco–way cheaper.
Cut it up. Eat some and then cut up some more to replace.
Take the hot pan out of the oven and sprinkle with cornmeal or flour (if you don’t like the crunchy texture of cornmeal).
Spread the dough out with your fingers. This is a nice, soft, non-sticky dough.
The stuff you see on the dough is this mix of herbs and spices. It is called Sophie’s Choice and I purchased it from my favorite store in my neighborhood called ‘The Cookery’. I try not to go inside every time I pass it because I will just want to buy everything! They have some cool stuff like chocolate vinegar and bourbon infused honey 🙂


Place the dough on the hot pan and start topping.
First the onions, then the mushrooms.


Lastly, sprinkle with the brie. I baked mine for 20 minutes, until the crust was golden brown.
I f you don’t like too crispy a crust, you may want to check after 10-15 minutes. As you can see, I like it crispy all around and nice and chewy and thin in the middle.
My idea of a perfect pizza 🙂 Don’t forget a good, cold beer!
So that parsley that I forgot to mix in with the mushrooms and shallots ended up as pizza garnish 😉

Recipe slightly adapted (or rather forgot to add ingredients because I am a hot mess) and taken from two of a kind

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  1. Maria says:

    That looks amazing!!!!


    1. Marale says:

      Thanks! It’s so good 🙂 I love homemade pizza.


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