Leek and Potato Soup

Guess what I did today! Can you guess? can you? huh? I cooked 🙂 And no, I didn’t make anything Halloween-y, not into that. In my inbox I keep getting recipes for spooky cake or cupcakes and blood and punch. It is starting to get highly annoying. I don’t throw Halloween parties or have time for all that.

What’s even more annoying and pisses me off is when you’re watching a movie or episodes and on the kitchen or dining room table there is a bowl of fake freaking fruit and it is always full! Whenever I see that I just go nuts. And of course the apples look bright red and shiny and the oranges so orange and the grapes look amazing. All the fruit look flawless and like they haven’t aged a day in their lives and that is not normal! Use real fruit and just eat them afterwards or make a pie! I feel like writing to these people…the producers I guess or whoever decorates the set and suggesting they mix it up a little. Maybe fill it up with jelly beans, taffy, or M&M’s and that way the actors can all dig in after the show so no waste. If they want to go healthy, they can place a bowl of assorted raw nuts, a bag of rice cakes, maybe some celery in a jar, anything but fruit! By the way, raw nuts are great with dates, rice cakes are god awful, dry, and tasteless, and I take celery in my Bloody Mary, thank you very much.

Oh I feel better already! As I was saying, I cooked today and I made my first leek and potato soup. I am no longer a leek and potato soup virgin 🙂 I found an easy and yummy recipe. Here we go!

3 Yukon Gold potatoes, 4 leeks, 1 quart vegetable broth, 3 tbsp of butter, 1 cup of buttermilk and 1 cup of heavy cream. Salt and white pepper. Chives for garnish.
Washed leeks
Cut off the dark green parts and clean them really well as there can be a lot of dirt in between those layers. I usually cut a slit down the leek and then part the layers so I can wash them well.
chopped leeks
Choppy chop the leeks and get ready to make them sweat!
Melt 3 tbsp of butter on medium high heat, add a big pinch of salt and saute the leeks for about 5 minutes until slightly soft. Keep an eye on it and stir. Then lower the heat a bit and cook, uncovered, for approximately 25 minutes or until leeks are tender.
Sauteed leeks
As is my sometimes custom, I kinda burned mine just a tad because I was watching Animal Planet but its gonna be okay 😉 I am using a Dutch oven for this but you can use any pot you have.
leeks & potatoes
Add the peeled and diced potatoes to the pot of leeks and give it a good mix.
leek and potatoes
Add the vegetable broth (you can also use chicken if you wish or even water) and 1/2 tsp of white pepper. I also added some black pepper. Bring to a boil and then simmer, covered, for about 45 minutes or until the potatoes are soft.
Uncover to witness the deliciousness and whip out your hand held immersion blender or whatever blender you have. I love my hand held blender so much that I just want to blend everything I can find! But I won’t…
After blending for a minute or two (frankly it is a boat load of fun and I didn’t want to stop..yeah, I don’t get out much…) we have a creamy soup.
Leek and Potato Soup
Add the buttermilk, heavy cream and white pepper and mix. I also added more black pepper. If you want to make a healthier version of this just add some half and half and see how that works for you. I thought since I making this for the first time I may as well put all the good stuff in there and not only does buttermilk and cream give the soup good character, it also makes it taste damn good!
Leek potato soup
Chop some chives and throw them in there. I also added some Gochugaru. I recently discovered this red pepper and am so in love with it. It is Korean sun dried chili pepper. Bright red and both powdery and flaky. I put it on everything! It isn’t too spicy and it tastes way better than any of the chili powders I have used before.
It comes in a huge bag for I think $4.00 and something. I bought this from H-Mart. You can find it on Amazon but it will be more expensive. Go buy one because you will go through it like there is no tomorrow. It smells and tastes amazing!

Bad news: Most of you will be horrified to know that, as I was writing this post, I inhaled 6 chocolate digestive biscuits and a spoon of Nutella. Good news: I think they are in a better place now. Also, is it terrible that I have deep feelings for and am the proud owner of two huge 33.5 oz jars of Nutella? Rhetorical question.

Recipe taken from The Food Network by Alton Brown.

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